Aleksey Kliger's hobbies


I've been juggling since senior year of high school when one of our math team captains gave a talk on siteswap. At cornell, I juggled with the CJC, and even helped out with their conventions a few times.

Although I've recently been slacking, I occasionally juggle at CMU and or Pitt.


Upon coming to CMU, I decided that I wanted a new hobby. So I started going to improv workshops with the No Parking Players.

Improv is quite a lot of fun, and it seems like a good way of working on some aspects of my public speaking skills. Plus hanging out with funny people is good for the soul.

Culinary Wankery

I like experimenting with food. I've been told I'm fairly competent at it. Although I've also wasted quite a lot of quality ingredients in my day. One thing that I generally do not do is baking. It is a bit too much like actual chemistry: proportions and exact measurements are important.

I tend to be a fan of the "just add enough foo until it's Right" school of seasoning, ingredient selection, etc.

Earlier in life I used to be an insane chilihead. Lately I've become more of a mildly psychotic chilihead. I think contemplating adding Sriracha to an (admittedly already unfortunate) fruit salad was the event that set me straight.