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I'm a professional compilers and languages geek. It is something I have been interested in since grad school. I like type theory and logic.

I've been a computer geek from a pretty young age.

However there are other things that, I enjoy. I also consume of several cultural industries: both artful and trashy cinema, various genres of popular music, and literature of questionable merit.

Although I'd be content with just theoretical computing, I do actually use real live computers. In addition to some modest contributions, I am interested in free software, especially if it is available as a Debian package.

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Rome (2008-01-01)

Quick News

2020-01-14 22:46 Still at Microsoft. Still working on Mono.

2017-10-07 19:10 I write free software for a living. At Microsoft?! How strange.

2014-09-28 14:48 I wrote a compiler in Haskell. And now I'm writing machine learning algorithms in Racket.

2011-04-23 20:43 My life is pretty different now, but I still get to work on things I enjoy.

2008-04-12 14:03 Lots more progress. The beginning of the end is May Day.

2007-12-05 12:39 Egads, it's two years later! Um... a lot of progress. Working on thesis stuff now. Good times.

2005-10-25 13:58 Have been busy. But have made progress. Also, now it's really colder around here. Still have tea, though.

2005-10-09 14:47 Colder weather is here. Fortunately I've got a nice hot cup of tea.

2005-08-05 12:24 Keeping busy, not much to report. I was in Russia in May for two weeks, however. Detailed photos up eventually, but for the highlights, take a look at this set of Russia photos on my Flickr page.

2005-03-21 13:46 Happy New Year

2004-09-23 12:09 It's been pointed out to me that I don't update often enough.

2004-06-05 13:11 Summer: a time of fresh produce, good company and semi-automated theorem proving.

2004-05-14 17:12 Still working...

2004-02-15 12:20 Back from spring break, hard at work.

2004-01-28 12:13 Another semester underway.

2003-12-18 22:49 Another semester done. In NYC for the holidays now. To whom it may concern: I've a new cell phone number. Send me email to find out what it is.

2003-11-04 11:45 Life continues to be interesting.